Five Comic One-Act Plays

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Картинка к книге Chekhov Pavlovich Anton - Five Comic One-Act PlaysАвтор: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

One of the foremost dramatists of the 19th century, Russian author Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) created a body of work noted for its realistic dialogue and keen insights into human relationships. This collection of five one-act plays in the celebrated Constance Garnett translations shows Chekhov at his witty best. "The Anniversary" takes a lively look behind the frenetic scenes at a bank: a man overburdened with errands from friends and family gives a nearly maddened but ludicrous account of his chores and obligations in An Unwilling Martyr; and "The Wedding" depicts scenes from a wedding reception in which the mother of the bride assumes affected airs and deals with quarrelsome guests. In The Bear, a virtuous, spirited widow is pressed to repay a debt and ends up receiving an offer of marriage. "The Proposal" depicts the trauma of a would-be suitor who winds up in a wrangle over property. Theater lovers, students of drama and literature, and other readers, as well as amateur and professional groups performing these popular works, will welcome this convenient, inexpensive collection of comic gems by one of the masters of modern drama.

ISBN: 978-0-486-40887-3, мягкая обложка
Категория: Dover Publications
Книга 2000 года, 64 страниц

Цена: 179.00 руб.

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На кого вы учились и кем в итоге работаете???


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Бред. училась на специалиста по связям с общественностью, а работаю в туризме....


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Скажите , что душа делает в первые три дня после смерти?


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Первые 40 дней душа странствует по земле и познаёт истину жизни и смерти.


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